How to create intentions for 2019

Hey there everyone!  January may be over but it’s not too late to set intentions for this year ahead! Statistics show that by February 20% of people have already fell off their resolution wagon.. and if that’s you – no problem! Just get right back on! It’s just a wagon afterall. 


I have moved away from using the word resolution – which by definition means a firm decision to do or not do something. Sounds kinda stuffy and final doesn’t it? I love the word “intention” which means to aim or to plan. Doesn’t that sound nice? Things change all the time and while there are things in our life we would love to resolve it feels lighter to aim for something. 


What do you want for 2019? 


Maybe it’s to drop a couple pounds, make more money, have a stronger meditation practice, attract a certain type of person into your life…whichever it is we want to get clear and focused on it. 


Let’s say it’s to reach a lower weight… how will you feel once that is complete? That’s what we are going for. The elevated emotion associated with that intention of yours. You can get this elevated emotion by visualization, journaling, meditation etc.


Instructions for quick visualization: Sit somewhere comfortable, close your eyes, and slow your breathing. Visualize yourself reaching your intention. How does it look, how does it feel? Is there a smell in the room? Is there a feeling in your body? Hold that elevated emotion. 


Then we recommend writing it all down. You don’t like journaling? Not a problem. This doesn’t have to be longer than a page. Write down your intention as it’s happening now. Like you have already reached it and you are living in that space. Use details… the exact amount of money, the color of the shirt you are wearing at your desired weight, how you’re feeling, what are you doing? 


Then take that piece of paper and save it – put it somewhere special that you can look back on and trust that it is being handled by the universe or whatever you believe in. Take some time every so often (make it a daily practice if you can) to feel that elevated feeling and go back to that space where your intention has already come true.


The clearer we are about how we want to feel and how like looks when we have reached that desired intention the more likely it is that it will happen. 

Happy intention setting , 

Dr K


Nicole Krakora