Grounding Meditation for Fall

We hope you enjoy this grounding meditation from the fabulous Courtney Riley! Utilize this meditation to connect with your center helping you feel more steady, present, and grounded.

From an early age we are all conditioned by our families, friends, culture, and personal traumas. Each of these conditionings created a “rule” we started living by in order to stay safe or survive. We became so certain about these rules that they then became “beliefs”. These beliefs paint a color on the "lens" we view the world through. What beliefs or rules about life, people, or your self, cloud your view and keep you from really seeing “what is”? These were rules that you put in place to survive served you then, but may no longer serve you. The best way to start dealing with your mis-perceptions is to get stable, steady, and develop your ability to stay grounded and centered. Use this meditation to practice and develop a deeper connection with becoming grounded.