Gut Health 101: Bacteria, Fungus + Parasites

Did you know the human body contains more bacterial cells in the gut that there are human cells in the entire body? Pretty crazy, right? The gut is not only important for a healthy digestive system, it's also crucial for immune function, nutrient absorption, and even neurotransmitter production! Read on about how important a healthy microbiome is, and what can happen when it gets out of balance.

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3 Reasons to Eat More Fat!

Many of us have heard the common misconceptions around fat. The low-fat craze of the 80’s-90’s really gave fat a bad rap, masking it as the most evil of food groups! However, the latest research is continually proving the vast benefits that fat has for our bodies!

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Why Cleanse?

Cleansing is a hot topic … it’s a buzz word… and its incredibly misunderstood. Is “cleansing” just eating healthy? No, it’s not. Cleansing is so much more than eating what your body is designed to eat and completing a cleanse is not for everyone. Read more to find out if cleansing is for you!

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What Does Your Gut Say About You?

Did you know that studying about the bacteria in your gut is becoming the latest and greatest topic in medicine right now? Turns out, your gut microbiome (lets call them your bugs for short) not only can influence how well your digestive system works, but it can also determine your mood, some of your personality traits and your level of happiness!

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Four Ways to Beat the Flu

It happens to the best of us. Even the healthiest eaters, meditators and yogis get taken down every now and then. The statistics for the flu this year are pretty staggering with over 80% of the flu involving a particularly tough strain called H3N2. I’d say about that same percentage of my patients are coming in already had or currently experiencing this nasty flu. So what do we do? We try and prevent it first.

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press the reboot button: restore with yoga nidra!

I invite you, to take a deep breath and honestly check in with yourself. After doing a mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual inventory, notice if it's time to reset and press the reboot button? If you said Yes… Then join me in this progressive relaxation/ YOGA NIDRA AUDIO and treat yourself to some delicious moments of REST AND RECOVERY! 

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